• The Intelligent Cloud for Strategic Process Management
  • Liberate Human Capital!
  • The data you have today, may not be the data you need right now
  • Glassbox: The Intelligent War Room
----------------- Vision -----------------
“First technology I’ve seen designed for the way an executive thinks and an organization behaves”
Howard H. Yu - Profession of Strategic Innovation at IMD, Swizerland D.B.A., Harvard Business School
Leading the Next Wave of Enterprise Innovation
...Smart Process Applications for strategic processes

For years, enterprises have invested in technologies and transformation initiatives to boost productivity of more structured and day-to-day operational processes.

While strategic processes that are "high stakes", highly variable and require productive interaction between high-cost humans...have been deemed too difficult to automate and virtually ignored. Until now...

At the Glassbox, we are committed to closing this "gap" in strategic process enablement — empowering humans to work smart, across functions, geographies and technologies.

Our Core Values

  • No Hard Coding
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Actionable Insights
  • Immediate ROI
----------------- Solutions -----------------
Big Company. Big Problems.
You need an Intelligent War Room

A fast, simple and flexible technology that allows you to structure the unstructured information that is gathered and analyzed manually.

The Glassbox solutions fit seamlessly into the way your company and your clients work... whether your business has 500 stakeholders or operates across 12 time zones... the Intelligent War Room delivers insights and business results.


  • Strategic Planning
  • New Business / Client Service Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Transformation Initiatives
  • Program Management Office Governance
  • Compliance Virtual Data Rooms
  • Deal Management
  • Research and Innovation
Current Industry Sectors
  • Financial Services
  • Fortune 100 Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Space Exploration


----------------- Technology -----------------
Enterprise Complexity. Meet Intelligent, Secure Flexibility.
  • Convergence of multiple SaaS solutions
  • Configurable and adaptable to work your way
  • Intuitive Q&A design and workflow
  • Partitioned role-based security and messaging
  • Real-time data aggregation and analytics of both structured and unstructured data
  • Scalable local/global cloud delivery across the Enterprise
----------------- About Us -----------------
The Team
Dorothy Young

Dorothy Young

CEO & Founder
CCOO (Chief Client Operations Officer) Ogilvy, CFO Ogilvy One,
CEO Silver Carrot, PwC, Patent in dynamic Ad-Serving 2012
Richard Levinson

Richard Levinson

Chief Client Officer &
VP JP Morgan Chase, Ogilvy One, Epsilon, Information Builders,
Y&R, Draftfcb
Mikki Shull

Mikki Shull

Chief Strategy Officer
Managing Director FTI,
IBM, PwC, Lockheed,
Montgomery Ward

Helen Morey

Helen Morey

Chief Operations Officer
Operations & Digital Executive TBWA\Chiat\Day, OgilvyOne,
Sterling Brands, K2 Digital, IBM,
Summit Partners
Paul Sciandra

Paul Sciandra

Chief Technology Officer
COO OMI, CIO Inheritance Communications, KPMG, Ogilvy, Ogilvy Interactive
Jon Karpoff

Jon Karpoff

VP User Experience Design
Ogilvy Group, OgilvyOne, Ogilvy Interactive, Patent Contributor 2011, Parsons School of Design
Chris Hummel

Chris Hummel

Business/Financial Director
Rockefeller & Company,
Sumitomo, Ogilvy
Ram Rudravaram

Ram Rudravaram

Chief Architect
General Manager Sify Ltd.,
Nvidia, IBM
Suresh DNV

Suresh DNV

UI/UX Designer
Sonic Solutions
Board of Directors
Marianne Caponnetto

Marianne Caponnetto

CEO MCW Group, Inc.
CSO/CMO DoubleClick,
Board Member Scholastic,
IBM, Dow Jones
Eric Wheeler

Eric Wheeler

CEO of 33Across
CEO Neo@Ogilvy, COO of Carat President of Lot 21
Advisory Board
Wendy Riches

Wendy Riches

Independent Board Advisor
CSO Meredith, President
DMB&B, President Hasbro,
CEO OgilvyOne
Brian Handly

Brian Handly

Independent Board Advisor
CEO of Stepleader, GM Microsoft,
CEO Accipiter, Engage, Atlas,
Executive Chairman Adzerk
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